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    The year is 2000, the year of strawberry kiwi. No, we’re not talking about a concoction of fruits and cream. We’re talking about a smooth and delicious piece of music: ‘Erdbeer Kiwi’, the first mutual track of German producers Bitmonx and DJ Fabio. Based on subtle rhythms and grooves rather than an overload of melodies and effects, the minimalist elegance of this track is a showpiece for the still young Progressive Trance genre. In 2014 Bitmonx returns. In the same constellation, as a 2-person project, and with the same motivation: Forget about the rules, it’s all about banging dance music.

    Both being involved in a multitude of projects, Bitmonx and DJ Fabio have been among the major players of the North German Progressive Trance scene for many years. Their mutual album ‘Plugged’, released in 2007, made their liveact an international crowd-pleaser. Obviously the chemistry between these two producers is just right – so their mutual comeback in 2014 has everything it takes to be explosive. From now on operating simply under the name Bitmonx, they want to focus on what they love most: Creating delightful music for all the party-hungry Progressive heads out there. A first EP will hit dance floors at the end of the year, the first ripple of what might well be yet another major impact on the scene.