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    Shanti’s phenomenal output is the direct consequence of starting young and producing with a passion. He played his first club in Amsterdam, at the age of 13, and with the mentoring of his older brother Riktam (GMS) he shaped his early recordings along with the first wave of trance pioneers resulting in dozens of xxx releases and DJ dates across the globe including regular outings to Brazil, Europe, Mexico and Japan.

    Brazil has also welcomed him so that he has been a resident at the Kabbalah festival for over 7 years as well as headlining the XXXperience parties along with his partners Dino Psaras and Dado (Deedrah/synthetic) as (the) Krome Angels.

    Their live shows have been blasting world wide, and on select dates they are joined by Product.01 vocalist Rochelle Vincente and studio don Marc Adamo.